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Picture - The Social Network

Actor - James Franco, 127 Hours

Actress - Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Director - David Fincher, The Social Network

Supporting Actor - Christian Bale, The Fighter

Supporting Actress - Melissa Leo, The Fighter

Breakthrough Performer - Noomi Rapace, The Millenium Trilogy 

Debut Director - John Wells, The Company Men

Ensemble Cast - The Kids Are All Right

Screenplay - The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin

Documentary - Exit through the Gift Shop

Foreign Language - I Am Love 

Animated - Toy Story 3

Cinematography - Black Swan, Matthew Libatique

Film Music or Score - Black Swan, Clint Mansell

Top 10 Films 
127 Hours (Fox Searchlight)
Another Year (Sony Pictures Classics)
Black Swan (Fox Searchlight)
Blue Valentine (The Weinstein Co.)
The Ghost Writer (Summit)
Inception (Warner Bros.)
The Kids Are All Right (Focus Features)
The King's Speech (The Weinstein Co.)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Universal)
The Social Network (Sony


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